Get the Edge You've Always Wanted

White Label

Download both iOS and Android with your business logo and color patterns to create a full white-label marketplace of your brand/business.

Payment Integrations

Complete payment integration between merchants and users. Payments go straight to each merchants account.

Single/Multi Vendor

Are you a single store business or are you a multi-store business? Does not matter if it is a single store or multi-store! xVendor is compatible to support multiple business infrastructures.


Track your product/item delivery or the service requested using live Geo-location.


Everything a user will need to manage their services, rentals or products. Merchants will get access to a dashboard that allows easy management of product inventory including orders, discounts and coupons.

With the Features
You've Always Needed

Vendor Profile Completeness

Complete profile to allow customers to trust vendors even more by having completeness bar on vendors dashboard.

Product/Service Management

Whether you are using xVendors to provide a service or product, we make it easy for you to manage it.

Vendor Staff Management

Sellers of your multivendor marketplace can appoint an unlimited number of staffs to manage their personal stores.


USPS real time calculations based on buyer and seller location and desired shipping speed.

Seller Verification

Verify merchants/vendors authenticity through their social profiles, phone, and photo.


Set your store to charge sellers per commission or charge your sellers per products. Create a marketplace with no spams and better products for your customers.


As admin, send out information or messages to all or specific vendors/merchants

Coupon Management

Let vendors/merchants create coupons and discounts of their own products for special sales.

Mobile App Features

Instant Online Payment

Complete payment integration between merchants and users. Payments go straight to each merchants account.

White Label

Download both iOS and Android mobile apps with fully white label business logo and color patterns to create your personal marketplace.

Search & Filter

Let your customers search by location with Vendors geolocation integration.

Free Updates

xVendors license provides free application updates in order to deliver the most efficient and updated solution.

Social Login

Fast and secure access with Facebook or Google add-on.


Create and track sales reports. You can create reports and sales chart by items and more.


Products, Services, and Vendors can be reviewed and rated by customers. Good reviews help other customers to gain trust and increase brand value.

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Take full advantage to take your business to the next level with
xVendors fully white label platform.

xVendors Web
A complete web single/multi vendor marketplace platform.
xVendors Web + Mobile Apps
Extension for xVendors web platform. (iOS and Android)