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Web Development

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Project Planning & Analysis

Research and analysis stage in order to establish your goals and objectives. With whom you want to communicate and attract in order to achieve project goals.


During this stage our quality analysts go through files, code structure, features, and and payment processing (if included) testing in the platforms required for deliverable.

System Design

This phase describes in detail the necessary specifications, features, and operations that will satisfy the functional requirements of the proposed system or solution. Experience is defined, including imagery, fonts, and colors.

Acceptance & Deployment

Once product/project is approved by customer, it is transferred to deployment servers. Mobile applications uploaded for download on app/android store.


This is where the real work gets done. This phase marks the end of the initial process and the beginning of development stage. A safe development place is prepared and hidden for the public search engines.


After successful launch, softwares often require continuous maintenance/support. Check out our support packages that cover a variety of packages for high level maintenance and support.

Secure Platforms

We take proactive approach to threat modeling during the early stage of the system development, specifically during initial design and specifications establishment. No one control can protect against all possible threats. We use multilayered solution allows for numerous, different controls to protect against whatever threats come to pass

Support business operations with a custom application

SMS Campaigns Platform

Powerful application that endures long lasting bulk sms campaigns. It provides businesses a flexible and user friendly sms marketing application. Build different types of campaigns for different purposes and subscribers. Features include: two-way chat, custom follow up messages, appointments, client management, reports, and more!

Booking System

Our team have developed platforms for different booking services industry, such as, cosmetics, rehabilitation, classes, tours & activities. Allow vendors to create bookable products and customers to customize their booking orders.

Monitor Daily Tasks

Manage your dispatching or delivery/pick up business in real time. Geo-Locations of drivers/dispatchers provide an intuitive map and dashboard for easier management. Features like push notifications and mobile apps integration are incorporated to provide an entire package application.


We have helped retailers and brands bring their products to a complete and powerful online stores.


Expand all aspects of your business with xVendors platform. From sales points, online product/service administration, and report management. We offer white-label mobile app with xVendors platform. Explore our xVendors solution for small-large business with product/services on demand. Including mobile apps for low cost!

Need more power? Try our xCloud Business Hosting Plan.